18.5 Weber Kettle Lid Hinge

Custom 18.5″ Weber Lid Hinge w/Quick Release Pin!

Tired of hunting for a place to set your Weber Kettle lid? We have the solution! An all Stainless Steel custom hinge that holds the 18.5″ model lid like a champ.  These hinges are Made In The USA and ship complete with Stainless Steel hardware and mounting instructions.  NOTE:  This hinge is designed with a quick release pin so you can tighten or loosen the “play” of the hinge!  (Patented.) Order below!

18.5 Kettle Hinge









Stainless Steel Version

$50.00 each
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$53.00 each (add 1 extra Quick Release Pin)
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Disclaimer:  The users of this hinge product install/use it at their own risk. The manufacturer will not accept liability for any accidents, damage, or loss incurred.