Team History

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Four Florida boys doin’ the best we can on the Competition BBQ circuit. Team Unknown has been called “a roots Renaissance bbq team,” “the masters of Florida style bbq,” and “a bbq teams, bbq team,” but the phrase most often heard throughout their career is “Team Unknown is the real deal.” Captain BBQ said it, “Jeff Hughes from Mechanical Dynamics said it, Roscoe from Roscoe’s Chili Challenge said it, as have countless bbq fans and writers when referring to the team’s authentic and original take on traditional bbq.

Grand Championships – 16*

Reserve Grand Championships -6*

Top 5 Overall Finishes – 22*

Top 10 Overall Finishes – 18*

Category Wins – 40*

Top 5 Category Finishes – 99*

Top 10 Category Finishes – 68*

* Updated August 5, 2015