Ugly Drum Smoker Lid Hinge (Raw Steel)


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Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) Raw Steel Lid Hinge w/Quick Release Pin!
You got that Ugly Drum Smoker beast rocking, now it’s time to add this awesome lid hinge with quick release pin so as to keep that beer hand free when checking your meats! Constructed from raw steel with hardware included. (Patented.)

NOTE: Some drums have a protruding band of metal just below the top rim that may cause a problem when installing the custom lid hinge. See the sample photo below. In a few cases, there is enough clearance between the lid and this initial band for the hinge to fit flush against the body of your UDS. Some folks have added spacers and other mods of their own so that my hinge will fit correctly. Just know up front that this has been an issue in a few cases.

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